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Showrooom Pieces

ADJUS Console in Walnut and Wenge

Our newest concept the ADJUS is a combination of a 'bent' walnut and 'bent' wenge. With a dovetailed slot in the upper table the lower table is allowed to slide in or out to change the overall length of the piece from 44" to 52" for that perfect fit in almost any space. The lower portion is then secured in place with a hand tightened knob.

Approximately 44" – 52" long X 16" – 12" wide X 29" tall.

» Available for $2400

Pintail Table

This beautifully coloured Ambrosia Maple is paired with Wenge to produce a striking contrast of colour and grain pattern. Dovetailed and pinned, this coffee table would add a stunning focal point to any room.

Approximately 41" long X 19" wide X 16.25" tall.

» Available for $1900

Maple Burl Side Table

This small side table would be an excellent addition to a cozy condo or apartment or that space that 'just needs something'.

Approximately 21" long X 17" narrowest X 23" tall.

» Available for $795


Bird's Eye Maple Coffee Table with Flyte Base

This very highly figured bird's eye maple oval coffee table with our 'flyte' base one of our more conventional pieces made unique by the use of some of the most amazing materials.

Approximately 41" long X 34" wide X 16.25" tall.

» Available for $1900

Reclaimed Walnut 'Cliff Edge' Console

This reclaimed walnut piece shows the depth and colour of walnut only seen in naturally dried wood. This material is from a local tree removal service that allowed us the opportunity to reclaim the log before it went to landfill.

With a unique live edge and natural bark pockets, this is a great conversation piece.

Approximately 42" long X 15" wide X 30" tall.

» Available for $1200

Yew Burl Console Table

This striking yew table seems to float above the dark tinted base which emphasises the bright sapwood edge.

Approximately 54" long X 15" wide X 29.5" tall.

» Available for $1800

"Rivers Edge" Console Table

'Rivers Edge' Console Table

The undulating natural edge of beautiful bubinga creates a rivers edge look with the smoked glass in this console table for a whimsical sophistication.

Approximately 48" long X 15" wide X 30" tall.

» Available for $1600

Sapele Dining Chair

Sapele Dining Chair

This hand crafted solid sapele seat with laminated chair back and espresso tinted ash frame may be used as an accent piece or with your favourite dining table. Please note this item is available in various wood types. Please contact us for information and pricing for materials to suit your decor. Quantity discounts are available.

Dimensions: Seat 17" wide at 18" tall to seat and overall height of chair back 42".

» Available for $1100 each

Barrel Stave Tasting Table

Barrel Stave Tasting Table

This tasting table is at home in a wine cellar or bar and is made from reclaimed used wine barrels. The staves retain the deep colouration of the wine they once held and are supported by a steel frame. We match the colour of the wine soaked staves in the base and top that are in the shape of the barrel heads. Please note various tops are available including authentic barrel heads, glass, and reproduction heads.

Approximately 26" diameter X 38" tall.

Starting at $1500

Reclaimed Beam Block Tables

Reclaimed Beam Block Tables

Made from reclaimed structural beams these blocks work as side tables, coffee tables or stools. Deep shattering and weathered texture are made smooth and livable by the Koletic Designs team. Own a piece of history and a great conversation piece! Please note that we also carry other materials and sizes.

Approximately 12" square X 20" tall.

» Available for $495 each

Camphor Console

Crotch Elm Console Table

This subdued crotch elm console table has an interesting grain pattern and small eyes throughout the piece.

Approximately 50" long X 23" wide X 29" tall.

» Available for $1100.

Cherry Burl Coffee Table

Cherry Burl Coffee Table

A buffed oil finish gives this solid cherry burl coffee table with custom wood legs warmth and character. Made from local sustainable materials.

Approximately 42" long x 15" wide X 18" tall.

» Available for $1100

Figured Elm Side Table

Figured Elm Side Table

This great slice of figured elm has deep rays of compression which gives it a beautiful iridescence to create an end table for that small corner, condo or just to display that great art piece.

Top approximately 14" X 17" X 23" tall.

» Available for $675


SOLD Camphor Wood Coffee Table

This camphor wood coffee table has a unique 'feather' grain pattern where the tree had originally branched. With three solid wood legs in natural walnut.

Approximately 43" long X 24" widest/15" narrowest X 16" tall.


SOLD Redwood Root Burl Coffee Table

This reclaimed redwood root burl coffee table is a result of harvesting the root portion of redwood trees long since cut down. With solid wood dark tinted legs this table would make a great addition to an intimate space.

Approximately 51" long X 21" widest/6" narrowest X 18.5" tall.

"Origami" Reclaimed Walnut Coffee Table

SOLD 'Origami' Reclaimed Walnut Coffee Table

The 'Origami' reclaimed walnut coffee table is created using a single crotch walnut board which is folded to create this fantastic modern look.

Approximately 52" long X 24" – 42" wide X 17" tall.

Walnut Burl Side Table

SOLD Walnut Burl Side Table

This amazingly figured walnut table has a unique natural edge including clefts and cracks formed by bark pockets within the burl. This piece features our custom tripod steel legs with a complimentary coloured finish.


SOLD Crotch Elm Side Table

Created with material from an elm tree that was no longer living, this beautiful side table features the deep grain patterns created at the branching of the trunk. With three solid wood deeply tinted legs . A perfect edition to almost any room.

Approximately 25" long X 26" widest/17" narrowest X 23.5" tall.


SOLD Maple Burl Coffee Table

This unique piece of Maple Burl seems as faceted as a diamond. With intermingled tendrils of burl uniting these two pieces together we thought it best to mount it on a base that allowed for the best showing. The base is reminiscent of flowing movement. This we call the 'flyte' base and adds a perfect airiness to this amazing piece.

Approximately 48" long X 24" widest/17" narrowest X 17.5" tall.